Launch Campaign


The lead-up to an airline's inaugural flight is equal parts exciting and demanding. SB&A partnered with BermudAir to develop a creative campaign to introduce the airline's innovative all Aisle Class cabin, poised to redefine business class travel.

We created a collection of sleek icons that embody the airline's high-scale identity with a subtle Bermudian twist, symbolizing pivotal aspects of the travel experience, including the pleasure of flying with BermudAir and the allure of Bermuda itself. Among them were representations of airplanes, the iconic Dark n' Stormy cocktails, and the quintessential Bermuda shorts. These icons served as gateways, offering travelers glimpses into the experiences awaiting them on BermudAir. From Aisle Class seating to complimentary beverages, BermudAir was positioned as the "window" to these exceptional offerings.

The accompanying copy artfully conveyed the elevated business class experience while firmly reinforcing BermudAir's unwavering commitment to excellence. Visually, the icons exuded clean lines and geometric precision, subtly intertwining with Bermudian influences. The color palette, bold yet elegantly uncomplicated, resonated with the discerning tastes of upscale travelers. This approach seamlessly wove together BermudAir's premium identity with the authentic charm of Bermuda. 

The creative campaign was rolled out across various digital platforms, including social media and online advertising channels.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Digital Design


Copywriting: Keith Flanagan


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