American Express

How-To Video Series


American Express came to us with a very particular problem to solve. Its customer service agents were spending a significant amount of time on calls with customers, walking them through relatively simple tasks such as viewing statements online, changing passwords or placing holds on certain charges. It could take up to 20 minutes to resolve these issues. 

We came back to Amex with a solution to divert calls from customer service centers – all while demonstrating the growing value provided to Card Members – by designing a series of How-To videos that seamlessly showcase the digital tools and capabilities of

These videos were created for both desktop and mobile scenarios and walk a user through simple steps to accomplish tasks on the website or app, all while utilizing the clean visual style of the American Express brand.

These short explainer videos freed up valuable time from the call center, while also providing a simple and user-friendly reference guide that customers could return to time and again.

View the whole playlist of videos here.


Creative Direction
Motion Design
Video Editing


Motion Design: Mark Gilligan

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