The Power Of The Small Team

April 20, 2020
2 min read

”Power” and “small” do not usually go hand-in-hand. Common thought is the larger the better - more strength, more reach, more options, more talent, etc. When it comes to businesses, sure that can be true in some cases. But what about all the bureaucracy and layers that come with it?

Think about going into a large home improvement retail location vs. going into a neighborhood hardware store. The large retail location has seemingly countless departments, with employees assigned by department. Seems great right? But how often do you go to somewhere like that and bounce from department to department never really getting the help you need? Rarely do you see overlap of expertise between departments, creating a break in the chain. 

The neighborhood store may have a smaller selection, but it will have one-on-one service from a home improvement expert who can provide a customized experience to determine the right course of action based on your goals. 

Small teams provide the bespoke power needed to forge ahead. There is no break in the chain, because they are not made from chain but rather from yarn – interwoven strands that will build something beautiful.

P – people: With a small team you get the best of the best. Always the A-Team.

O – openness: Totally accessible, open lines to leadership, open lines of communication.

W – willingness: To go the extra mile and find a way. With direct access to the ‘big dogs’ – it is their name on the line, so it is in their every interest to provide an excellent experience.

E – efficient: Small is nimble, allowing for quick responses and flexibility.

R – respect: For you, your budget, your goals.

Now can you say small isn’t powerful?

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