Meditation for Success

June 19, 2020
3 min read

Highly successful people meditate. How often do you hear that? I feel like I hear it all the time! Admittedly, my first two thoughts always are - who has time for that? And - just another thing to add to the list for the day. What doesn’t come to mind is starting small, which is exactly what you can, and should, do when it comes to meditation. If I want to run a marathon, I don’t just hop right into the race - I need to train. The same goes for meditation. It is a skill, and skills are meant to be built. 

Most sources point to the morning as the best time to meditate. Though it may sound daunting to change your morning routine, I completely see the potential. Mornings can set the tone for your entire day, dictating your mood internally and externally. Those days of ‘waking up on the wrong side of the bed’ might not go away, but taking time to re-adjust before jumping into the day will certainly turn your frown upside down. 

The first thing that I do each morning is check my phone. Check for emails, news alerts, messages. Basically, I check what is going on externally. But what if I first checked internally? How am I feeling this morning? What are my hopes and goals? What do I want to learn or improve upon today? How can I help those around me? I imagine that I could see the external world through a different, perhaps more focused, lens if I checked in with myself each morning. Especially during these times of COVID! What a rollercoaster of emotion. It is all very overwhelming and focus can be a challenge with all that swirling in your head. 

Meditation is about taking the time to clear your mind and recharge. Focus on the present. Strengthen your mindfulness. Set your goals and intentions for the day. Repeat your mantra or sit in silence. The way you meditate and for how long simply depends on your needs and how experienced you are with meditation. No matter your process, these moments are aids in boosting your mood and lowering your stress - even possibly opening the floodgates of creativity. 

Do you have to meditate to be a highly successful person? No, but it is certainly a commonly used tool to prepare for success. A tool to drive forward with your intentions set and mind clear. Meditation is to your brain as exercise is to your body - it is a skill that needs to be fostered, and some may need to work harder at it than others. But any work is good work! And I plan on putting in the work to see how my limited meditation experience can grow and cultivate success.

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