Blast from the Past: Finnair–Missed Connections

July 16, 2020
1 min read

Do you remember when flying all over the world was a thing? We do. All this lockdown stuff has us reminiscing for that time, not so long ago, when getting from A to B in the most convenient way was paramount to business travelers. While working with Finnair we always tried to turn the mundane into something elegant and artful. And that was the case with our campaign to promote Finnair’s seamless connections via Helsinki to Scandinavia, The Baltics, Russia and Asia. We used simple objects that related to the region Finnair was connecting to, art directed and photographed them beautifully, and then superimposed a line graphic on them to illustrate how Helsinki, as it’s central hub, made connections effortless. And we are very happy to report that this campaign really connected with business travelers.

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