AI and Machine Learning: Essential Marketing Tools

June 22, 2022
3 min read

You’re probably aware (or maybe not if it’s implemented properly) that AI and machine learning are studying your every move while you are online and even while you are offline.

As users of technology, we consume vast amounts of data, and we also create vast amounts of data. So much data, in fact, that it has become impossible for humans to process it  into results that can be acted on by marketers. That’s where AI comes in. It gives us the tools to identify our audience and target them with the right message, in the right place and at the right time. It’s the holy grail of marketing.

Media planners are already using AI to identify and precisely target their audience using AI-processed data from cookies, credit card spending, behavioral data, biometric data, and location-based data, to name just a few. And they are using it to build analytics and attribution reports to view trends in the data and adjust media placements as needed to manage spend more efficiently.

Creative teams at agencies are also using AI to influence how campaign concepts are developed. Some are using it in dynamic display ads, to pull in contextual-based headlines and images based on content the user is reading or on their behavior online prior to being served the ad. Others are using AI to dynamically edit pre-roll video in a nanosecond and serve up a video tailored to a specific individual. SBA has done this by integrating market data into pre-roll video for Sector SPDR ETFs. An AI-powered tool like Phrasee actually writes Facebook and Instagram ad copy for you, from scratch, and the ads are designed to convert into clicks based on what's worked in the past. The tool gets better over time on its own, as it learns from each new ad what language leads to better performance. It’s the stuff of science fiction, but it’s a reality right now. 

At SBA, we’ve used all the AI and Machine Learning technology mentioned above in various digital campaigns across a range of clients and industry segments. Recently we launched a campaign for the Korea Tourism Organization which uses AI technology in the media strategy, the display ad development, and in a campaign-specific microsite, where the AI dynamically changes the content on the website based on how the user arrived on the site and how they navigate the site. Over time the machine learning aspect of the site will analyze the data generated by users and reconfigure the microsite for the optimal user experience.

AI is changing the marketing and advertising industry as we know it. If you're an advertiser or marketer relying on paid ads, chances are that an AI solution can help you increase revenue and reduce costs.

Forward-thinking brands are already embracing artificial intelligence marketing and advertising and using it to build competitive advantages by combining customer data in brand new ways. By doing this, they're optimizing every marketing campaign to dramatically increase customer engagement by creating a personalized experience at scale at each stage of the customer journey.

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