Acid+All 2006 Integrated B2B Campaign.

January 14, 2020
2 min read

All the stress of 2020 was enough to give anyone a major case of heart burn. And that got us thinking about a great B2B campaign we did back in 2006. A small start-up called Thomas Pharmaceuticals came to us with a prototype for a new type of Antacid with the goal of making a splash in the $3 Billion gastrointestinal drug market in North America.  

The tiny antacid pills were packaged in cool retro style tins that were reminiscent of Altoids. They had a hip, almost British mod style design on the outside of the tin. SBA developed a B2B advertising campaign that played off the concept that Acid+All was more than just an antacid but was in fact also a fashion statement. An accessory for the stylish and well-heeled Baby Boomer or Gen Xer. The print ads had more of a feel of Fashion ads than the traditional “Purple Pill’ pharma ads that ran in trade publications like Drug Store New.  They were fresh and different (much like the product itself) and really help the brand standout in an already crowded market. The print advertising campaign was supported by an equally stylish and different sales kit that we designed, that looked like a seersucker suit lapel with the product placed in the pocket. 

Within the first year of launch, Acid+All was already in 100’s of independent pharmacies across the USA. They could even be found in minbars at The Palms hotel in Las Vegas and The Peninsula Hotel in New York. The little tins even made it into the gift bags at the Oscars, The Tribeca Film Festival and the Aspen Food and Wine Festival.

Acid+All added a hip retro twist to an otherwise frumpy over-the-counter antacid category and won the hearts of 100’s of Drug retailers across America.

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